Metal Staming

Versatile Stamping Solutions for Product Manufacturing

Metal stamping is a method used to transform flat metal sheets into shapes with the help of dies. The precision metal stamping process is used to manufacture components of different materials, with varying sizes, thicknesses, and configurations. This method is widely used in different industries such as appliances, audio/video, automotive, watches and instruments, disk drives, and computers. It is mainly used to perform functions such as forming, cutting, cutting & forming, and stamping assembly operations. The scope of this manufacturing method has allowed precision stamping to play an important role in bringing new technologies and products to the market, thus enabling product improvements, and enhancing manufacturing methods. HSI is one of the leading manufacturers, which provides metal stamping.


HSI offers precision metal stamping of the following materials and specifications:

Materials High temperature alloys

Stainless steel

Carbon steel

Hardened steel

Ferrous and nonferrous metals

Thickness of the materials 10mm (0.4ʺ)
Press Capacity Range 2-100 tons
Production Capacity 25MT tons

We Serve A Wide Range of Industries:

Several industrial parts can be manufactured at a very high rate, which is ideal for overall production costs and time. Thus, precision metal stamping find their use in a wide variety of industries. We serve following industries:

  • Electronics
  • Military and Missile
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Advantages of Precision Metal Stamping:

Following are some of the advantages of precision metal stamping:

  • It is a cost-effective and fast process for fabricating large numbers of intricate products. This process is suitable for higher volumes, since the labor and per piece set-up costs drop as production levels increase.
  • It can be automated, and include secondary operations in both the die and/or press. Value add operations, which consist of even in-die welding, automatic stud or nut insertion, in-die tapping, and assembly can be integrated to increase the value of parts.
  • Intricate products and advanced designs can be created with the help of sophisticated precision stamping. Its advantages consist of material flow or drawings, along with very tight tolerances. This is particularly evident in heavier parts and thicker materials.
  • Precision metal stamping usually has lower material cost per piece.
  • Press size and tonnage are key differentiators.
  • Stamping companies that have skills in cutting-edge production techniques, along with prototype design services or simulation software, will prove to be an added advantage.

HSI has specialized in producing high quality stamping for more than seven decades. We have proven technical expertise and industry knowledge to meet the requirements of a wide variety of industries. We provide premium a range of metal stamping solutions that not only meet, but exceed the customers’ expectations. To know more about Metal Stampings, please contact us at the earliest. You can mail us your requirements for open wound compression springs at

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