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Belleville Disc Washer


Belleville disc washers, also known as disc springs, are conically formed angular discs designed to withstand axial loads. They offer a unique combination of high force in a small space with customizable deflection combinations.


Disc spring washers exhibit a specific load for a given deflection. Stacking washers in parallel increases the load proportionally while stacking in series increases the deflection. This versatility allows for various series-parallel combinations, offering a wide range of load versus deflection options for different applications. Designers can stack washers to increase load or deflection based on their specific requirements.

  • Stack in "parallel" to increase the load
  • Stack in "series" to increase deflection


Advantages of Disc Springs:

  • No Deformation or Fatigue under normal loads.
  • High Energy Storage Capacity.
  • Long Service Life.
  • Minimized Stock Keeping: Individual spring sizes can be combined universally.
  • Space Saving.
  • Self-Damping: Provides good shock absorption and energy dissipation.
  • Efficient Use of Space: Provides high spring force with small deflections.
  • Adaptable to Stacking: Can be stacked in numerous configurations.
  • Modular Spring Element: Allows for combination use.
  • Low Maintenance Cost & Greater Security.
  • Low Height/Thickness Ratio: Reduces stresses.


Application of Disc Spring Washers:

  • Automotive & Engines
  • Brakes & Clutches
  • Dampers
  • Hoists
  • Machine Tools
  • Shock Mounts
  • Vibrators

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