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Constant Force Spring

Constant Force Springs for Application Enhancement

Constant force springs possess the unique ability to extend across their performance range while maintaining a consistent force and position. This characteristic enables them to resist uncoiling in applications and remain tightly wrapped. At HSI, we specialize in designing and providing both standard and custom constant force springs tailored to a variety of applications. Our expertise includes supplying these springs for electric motors, air conditioners, fire dampeners, and window manufacturing equipment.

At HSI, we have the capability to manufacture industrial springs in the following range of specifications.

Diameter.10 to 6.00 in2.54 to 152.4 mm
Free Length.25 to 120 inch6.35 to 3048 mm
Wire Size.010 to .375 in.254 to 9.525 mm
Direction of WindingRight HandLeft HandOptional
Loop TypesMachine HooksExtendedSingle Full Loop
Side HooksCross OverDouble Full Loop
MaterialBeryllium CopperMusic WireInconel
Chrome SiliconChromium VanadiumPhosphor Bronze
Stainless Steel 302Stainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 316
FinishPlainBlack OxidePainted
CadmiumPassivateZinc Gold
Zinc Silver


To ensure optimal performance and durability, we select Type 301 stainless steel as our primary manufacturing material for constant force springs. This choice offers several advantages:

  • High Tensile Strength: Up to 1800 MPa, ensuring robustness in various applications.
  • Exceptional Ductility: Facilitating rolling and forming operations without compromising performance.
  • Appropriate Hardness: Supporting spring functionality while maintaining structural integrity.

The features of Type 301 stainless steel enable easy wrapping of the constant force spring onto drums for extension, while its hardness prevents kinking or twisting during wrapping or recoiling. Additionally, we design springs with diameters smaller than that of the pulley used in the application to prevent back bending during operation.

As a leading constant force spring manufacturer, we prioritize meeting our client’s specific application requirements. We offer customization options for spring width and thickness, ensuring compatibility with diverse needs. Our rigorous quality checks guarantee the reliability and performance of our constant force springs before they are dispatched for delivery.

If you're interested in ordering a constant force spring or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at We look forward to assisting you with your spring needs.

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Welcome to Hariome Spring Industries, a premier destination for top-quality springs in India. Established in 1989, we have been at the forefront of spring manufacturing, offering a comprehensive range of heavy-duty springs, wire springs, strip springs, and wire forms to meet diverse industrial needs.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence, we prioritize technological advancements, continuous improvement, and unwavering dedication to quality. Our experienced and skilled production team ensures the fabrication of superior-quality springs, continually enhancing our manufacturing processes to meet evolving standards.

At Hariome Spring Industries, we boast a wide manufacturing range, capable of producing wire springs ranging from 0.1mm to 40mm. Our extensive product lineup includes compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, back rod springs, extension springs, taper springs, flexible springs, hook springs, bevel springs, conical springs, Belleville springs, R clips, C clips, metal stamping springs, spring washers, wire forms, and more. Additionally, we offer customized spring solutions tailored to our customers' specific requirements.

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